10 Bullshit Stories That Are Obviously Lies

The internet has made lying about yourself a whole lot easier – facts have gotten harder to verify, and there are enough random crazy stories you see on a daily basis that you more or less stop questioning all the weird stuff you read.

But a lot of it is obvious bullshit. Like, a little TOO obvious.

1. Oh no, call 911 and see if Photoshop has a “stitches” filter!

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2. ISIS is getting sloppy, apparently.


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3. “…and then I got sucked into the world of My Little Pony but for real, and I live there now, in a huge mansion filled with gold. Take THAT, bullies.”


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4. I’m 90% sure this is the plot of Mr. Robot.

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5. Yep, four police officers tore apart someone’s house for half an hour because they didn’t understand how Pokemon GO works. Sounds believable.

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6. Note: there are enough real stories about misogyny in the world of geekdom that you don’t need to make up anything, especially ones where you add in a father literally kicking his child.

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7. “Our teacher and 10 girls all agreed to let us experiment on their boobs in 8th grade, because that’s a thing that could happen.”

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8. Ah, Ashton Kutcher is calling me, better take a screenshot to prove it’s real. Also Mila Kunis was there.

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9. Sure, you may have heard of the Ben Affleck Batman movie, but WB is ALSO giving me, a random guy on the internet, $150m to make my own Batman movie, starring me.

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10. “Sounds like bullshit.” – Albert Einstein

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