10 Times Total Creepos Made It Weird Online

People being creepy online in private messages is almost to be expected these days – but the really mind-boggling stuff is happening in comment sections and in status updates, e.g. “public online areas where pretty much ANYONE can see how weird and creepy you’re being.”

How people still don’t have enough self-awareness to stop themselves from being so damn off-putting is beyond us, but here are 10 examples of this exact kind of insanity:

1. Don’t you love it when you ask a sincere question about camping and someone replies with a joke about their erection?

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2. Going boating with someone of the opposite gender? That means you are definitely having sex. Also I’ve based my life on Dennis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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3. Please PLEASE try to keep yourself from divulging your masturbation habits on Facebook.

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4. Someone’s 9/11 post, a perfect opportunity to try to hook up.

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5. To be clear: the daughter is being weird and inappropriate here, the dad is being straight-up hilarious.

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6. Damn, girl, your sobriety is fine af.

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8. Hugging someone of the same gender, eh? Sexy…

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9. Reminder: you’re probably friends with your parents on Facebook. Or at least someone you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of.

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10. Then again, sometimes it’s the parents who are being weird.

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