7 Times Businesses Actually Rocked It On Social Media

Every now and then, you gotta give it up to the brave interns and social media managers who steer the social media accounts of major brands and companies. This is one of those times.

1. Some good advice.


via Rubberbandits


via Discovery

3. Chrissy Teigen, White Castle, and Taco Bell – a match made in Heaven.

via Taco Bell

4. Senator Cruz should invest in some double-ply toilet paper.

via Washington Post

5. A reminder that the problem with Captain Phasma isn’t her armor or her gender, it’s her measly 3 minutes of screentime.

via Star Wars Facebook

6. Whoever the kid is who runs the Star Wars Facebook account is doing great (but don’t get cocky).

via Star Wars Facebook

7. In February 2015, the Quba Islamic Institute was burned down in an act of arson. And their responses to some less-than-classy comments are pretty heartwarming.


via Quba Islamic Institute

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