Facebook Is Being Torn Apart By This Garlic Bread Meme Page

Facebook, the website you go to for all of the latest statuses of high school friends complaining about politics and stolen Vines repurposed into meme videos, is currently being torn apart by a civil war over the issue of gender…on the Garlic Bread Memes page.

See, Facebook is awash with awful, dumb memes – you’ve surely seen more Minions memes about coffee than anyone can count – and it’s come to the point of a meme page specifically for garlic bread, with photos like this:

via Garlic Bread Memes

via Garlic Bread Memes

To be fair, the Garlic Bread Meme page is clearly more than a little ironic and tongue-in-cheek – after all, these are memes SPECIFICALLY and ONLY about garlic bread, and all meant to be a little troll-y and provoke a response. However, this particular one has torn the fragile Garlic Bread Meme community apart:

via Garlic Bread Memes

While the Garlic Bread Meme page had before taken faux-political stances (that somehow involved Garlic Bread Memes, like in the case of the gorilla Harambe’s death), this one about the issue of gender identity and fluidity has come at a particularly sensitive time for people dealing with society’s views on the matter (in the wake of transgender bathroom policy dominating the news for the past few months). And the comments on this Garlic Bread Meme reflect the issue’s sensitivity:

facebook garlic bread meme page

facebook garlic bread meme page

Right now, there are nearly 5,000 shares on the meme and over 700 comments (the average for Garlic Bread Memes is about 100 or so). Be warned: it’s a damn warzone there right now.

Luckily, some people aren’t letting the potential underlying offensiveness of the Garlic Bread Meme get to them too much, since this miiiight not be the BEST venue for enlightening the world about gender fluidity and the issues of transgender individuals:

facebook garlic bread meme page

If you’d like to voice your opinion on Garlic Bread Memes and/or gender identity, click here.

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